5 crucial HRMS features

Which HRMS functionalities are a must, and which are only nice-to-haves? What criteria should you take into consideration when choosing an HR management system for your business? Well, here’s your cheat sheet.

The huge market abundance of various hr management software suites often makes choosing the one for your business problematic. How to decide on the right one? What functionalities should an HRMS have? How to prioritize them and adjust to your needs?

From purely technical features to the ones boosting your team’s soft skills, we present you with the list of the most important aspects of HRMS to consider.

Holiday trackers

Let’s start with something obvious. In order to manage your staff, you need to be in the know of who’s present and who’s not.

Also called vacation planners, or absence schedulers, holiday trackers are imminent hr management system features, as they let you organize your company’s operations and give an insight into whether someone can do something at a given time.

Holiday trackers are an integral part of the most famous HRMS systems like Monday.com, Sage, and Workday. Humadroid is no exception here.

Our Absences feature lets employees request time-off and oversee their absence with the possibility of cancellation. Accordingly, the bosses can approve the requests of the crew.

Thanks to the Absences feature in Humadroid, one can also check how many paid days off they have left.

Talent management & training

A workplace is as strong as its staff. When your people are encouraged to grow, your business grows too. This is why talent management and training are an essential part of any HRMS.

Training-related functionalities highlight the desired directions of professional development among your employees. Thanks to them you can also blaze new trails and spark interest in the areas they haven’t previously considered.

This is the primary goal of the Skills feature in Humadroid HRMS. As sharing is caring, it allows you and your team to create repositories of educational content, snippets, links, etc., and order them into categories.

Instead of a separate knowledge base software, Humadroid incorporates its essence into a wider array of human capital-related functionalities


Whether your company runs periodic employee assessments or not, it’s always good to talk with your team members about their progress, room for improvement, ambitions, and expectations.

You don’t need to generate quasi-sophisticated reports with fancy diagrams for it. It’s the talk that matters. Various human capital management suites handle 1-on-1 meetings differently. Sage and HR Cloud offer employee analytics, while others like Humadroid enable your people to schedule a f2f chat.

Feedback is king in all areas related to work: from productivity to performance, to the atmosphere, and last but not least, your company’s annual turnover. Every hr management software should make it possible to give and collect feedback in a quick and convenient way.


For boosting your organizational culture and keeping everyone in the loop, HRMS systems offer numerous solutions.

To keep everyone up to date with the latest news, goals, or make aware of the values your business holds dear, hr apps utilize announcements, targeted updates, and other methods of communication.

A simple Announcements module works best for Humadroid, letting you notify all of your team members in a fast and efficient manner and saving you all frustration from missing that important thread on Slack or email.


From private healthcare to access to sports facilities and everything in between. To some, benefits are a nice add-on, while others treat it as a serious pro of a particular workplace.

Regardless of which of the two approaches resonates with you the most, you need to manage and keep track of the benefits your company offers.

An HRMS should help you do this. Let your workers apply for benefits with a single mouseclick and waste no more clicks managing their requests.

Describe every single item of your employee benefits and include useful FAQs to avoid answering the same questions over and over again, and make things clear once and for all.

Wrap up: HRMS features

Human resource management systems differ in the scope of features they offer. There are probably as many approaches to what they should offer as there are the HRMS suites available. At Humadroid, we bet on the combination of both technical/hard functionalities, as well as those related to an individual’s soft skills and communication.