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What’s included

  • Task-oriented Dashboard: Keep your most crucial management tasks in clear view.
  • Time-off Management: Easily handle leave requests and approvals.
  • Reimbursement Handling: Streamline how you manage expense claims.
  • Asset Tracking: Keep track of company assets assigned to team members.
  • Performance Reviews: Schedule and manage feedback sessions effectively.
  • Employee Directory: Keep all the relevant employee information accessible for everyone

Shortly, at the same introductory price

  • Kudos: Appreciate your coworkers with simple kudos
  • Better slack integration: Do most common actions directly from Slack
  • On- and off-boarding: Streamline onboarding experience for newcommers, where everyone knows what needs to be done
  • Digital signatures: get documents signed directly in humadroid
  • Custom forms: gather anonymous feedback, get more details for benefits or reimbursements
  • Better permission model: define custom roles and more granular access control ie. for documents

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$36 usd / user / year

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