Our pricing philosophy

Transparency and Trust, Every Step of the Way.

At humadroid.io, we believe in building a relationship with you that's based on trust and transparency. Here's how our pricing journey unfolds:

🌟 Beta Phase: Completely Free [Until at least Q2 2024]

Fully Featured: Experience everything our product has to offer, absolutely free.
Your Feedback Matters: Help us shape the future of humadroid.io with your invaluable insights.

🚀 Early Adopter Special: Just $5/Month/User

Exclusive Offer: Join us during our early adopter phase, post-beta, for a flat rate of $5 per month per user.
Lock-In Benefits: As an early adopter, you'll lock in this special pricing and enjoy all current and future updates and features.
Guaranteed Pricing: This rate is guaranteed for at least 2 years after we introduce our regular pricing.

🌱 Future (Regular) Pricing: Customized to Your Needs

Flexible and Fair: Once we've added more features, our pricing will evolve to a per-feature model, charging less than $5 per feature per user.
Only Pay for What You Need: Tailor your package based on the features that are most valuable to you.

💡 Our Commitment to Early Adopters

Honoring Our Early Supporters: If you join us as an early adopter, your pricing plan and access to all features and updates will be maintained for at least 2 years following the introduction of our regular pricing.
Special Offers Just for You: As a token of our appreciation, early adopters will enjoy exclusive deals and offers.

Ready to Embark on this Journey with Us?

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