5 reasons why your business needs an HR management system

What is an HR management system?

A human resource management system (HRMS) or human resource information system (HRIS) is software combining various functionalities and activities related to a company’s personnel. These might include e.g. hiring, onboarding, payroll, employee benefits, holidays, career development, training, assessment, assets management, and internal communication. Thanks to an HR management system managers and workers can access information that is valuable for both of them, and handle their matters.

After years of on-premises systems being used by businesses, cloud-based HRMS are the next generation of services built to manage their greatest asset: human capital.

If you are an employer and are still asking yourself whether you need it, let us hook you up with 5 pros of HR management systems.

Data-driven human resource management

While trusting your gut feeling is fine, it’s not always enough. Especially when dealing with such complex beings like people.

To make an informed decision about whether an employee should get a raise/promotion, to determine how much you can pay a new person in your team, or to assess your people fairly, you need data. Data is hard proof, a solid argument that eliminates guessing from every equation, career included.

But make no mistake thinking that an HR management system serves only one master. The data it provides will also benefit your staff and can give grounds for better remuneration or professional training request and work-related refunds.

Data is gold and can benefit both bosses and employees in their attempts to improve their work and workplace.

You get rid of chaos, win comfort

An all-in-one place HRM software will always be more convenient to use than a bunch of separate systems for particular functions.

Avoid using a dozen applications for payroll, benefits, booking 1-on-1 meetings, onboarding, notifications, etc. Decide upon one instead, and take control of all these fields without suffering a single headache. Don’t get distracted. Never get lost again and just navigate between different HR modules, but within one system, and one UI.

An HRMS can serve your business as a rich employee-related information log, a go-to register, in which no valuable data is lost, missing, or forgotten.

Information security

As previously mentioned, data is gold. Information is interpreted data. Same as gold, both need to be secure as if in a treasury.

A human resources management suite allows you to ditch countless docs and Excel sheets scattered across your laptop’s hard drive, and unprotected by anything more than your computer password.

Every HRMS employs a number of measures to keep the stored fragile information secure. From 2FA (two-factor authentication) to password encryption and others. If you want to be 100 percent sure that your people’s personal data, information about company assets, or other business-related matters, choose the services of trusted developers.

Humadroid is built by Prograils, a company that holds an ISO 27001 certificate for information security in software development, improves its internal security standards, educates its employees, and undergoes rigorous audits for compliance with the norm.

Build and enforce company culture

Does your company have a specific purpose? Is it based upon a special set of values? Do you want to make a positive change by running your business? Do you want this message to resonate with every single person in your organization? An HRMS will help you do this.

With Humadroid’s features like notifications or easy 1-on-1 scheduling, you can raise awareness of your company’s culture and standards among the employees. As an agile human resources management system, it can be customized and adjusted to your company’s character and goals, making everyone on the same page.

Long story short: a proper HR management system can set your business on a mission!

Save time, save money, while still improving your HR processes

Using an HRMS will help you standardize and unify your staff-related procedures, making them clear, predictable, and transparent for both management and employees. It’s a win-win situation for both sides. No one is caught off-guard from their routines or taken by surprise with unexpected information. Everything can be accessed with one or a few clicks after you log in to the system.

Having said this, it becomes quite evident that utilizing a human resource management suite in a company can save your time, attention, and, ultimately, money, by letting you perform your personnel-related tasks with ease.

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